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Tips & Advice

Maintain your valuable car safely for a long time with Hyundai scheduled maintenance.

Regular checks you should perform
in between services.

Fluid Checks

Be sure to check your oil every couple of weeks (and remember to make sure the vehicle is on level ground when you do it!). Your engine will work most efficiently when filled to the 'Max' level with oil. Take care not to overfill it -- and ensure it does not fall below the 'Min' level.

Ensure the wiper jets are correctly aimed and that the washer bottle is not only full, but has an appropriate concentration of screen wash mix. More concentrate will be required in winter to help prevent freezing. And it's always worth checking your wiper blades for signs of cracking -- it's much better to notice the cracks in your wipers while stationary on your driveway, rather than in the fast lane of